Alpaca vs. Landsquid: My invaluable $0.02 (worth $0.02, damn, should have gone with Euros)

11 May

While we wait for me to pull another blog post out of my (buttered top) hat (look, nothing up my sleeves!), check out my guest post over at Kit Campbell’s blog, Where Landsquid Fear to Tread (hint: it’s everywhere you might encounter alpaca).

My post on the wily alpaca and why it would handily defeat the slouching landsquid can be found here:

It is a rebuttal to the shameless landsquid propaganda propagated by KD Sarge in her own guest post on Kit’s blog found here: (don’t believe her LIES!!!!)

We will return to our regularly scheduled blog posts momentarily.

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Posted by on 11 May 2011 in #TeamAlpaca


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