Fever Dream

21 Nov

I am  sick.

I would kill the parties responsible for giving me this plague, but they are my children, and I’d probably regret it later.

Plus I am too weak to hurt anyone just now.

I am not accustomed to this state of being. I take great comfort in believing I am able to hurt anyone I want on a whim. Now I just feel … nervous.

And woolly headed.

Somehow one of my spawn (or perhaps both working in tandem) managed to rename this computer ‘5’. I had no idea they were so proficient with Windows.

I should have bought a Mac.

If I’m not careful, they’ll find this blog and know I am too weak to stop them.

This makes me more nervous.

But not as nervous as this. It’s from a book for my kids: Just Go To Bed by Mercer Mayer.

The creepy dad, a.k.a. El Bandito Daddy-O

If I was a two-year old and I saw this man, I'd need a diaper change, stat!

It isn’t supposed to be creepy, in context, but if you only look at the bit I’ve got cropped above?

Now that’s creepy.

And now, a word from our sponsor: me!

Marlowe and the SpacewomanClick here to check out my forthcoming book, Marlowe and the Spacewoman, coming out January 9th, 2012 (Balloon Ascension Day)!

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