Looking for Justin Bieber action figure potty training videos? Look no further.

03 Mar

I’m the father of two toddlers, and as is usually unavoidable in such situations, we have reached that point where potty training is required.

I had hoped to avoid the whole unpleasant business, but it turns out schools and the like actually require it.

Damned nuisance, that.

The training has not been going well.

In a fit of desperation, I started making short videos for the kids. These cinematic Razzies feature some of their favorite toys and, on occasion, randomly selected household items, all speaking to the kiddos to emphasize the importance of getting potty trained.

The Justin Bieber action figure video proved to be a huge hit, leading me to create a series of them.

As word of these Biebelicious videos leaked out, some of my friends and extended family, for reasons unfathomable to me, expressed interest in seeing them.

So I’ve made some of the shorts available for viewing.

The first video is a high def introduction. The rest are not high def, as I filmed them during my lunch breaks and sent them via my phone.

These videos are aimed at small children. The themes, the humor, they are not high brow. Indeed, the most admiral trait of these videos is undoubtedly their brevity – each is less than thirty seconds.

You have been warned.

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