About Ian

Hats to protect from the sun, hats to protect from the cold, hats to protect from bricks and stones lobbed by dissatisfied readers hell-bent on unholy revenge. Also, they look cool.

I’m conducting an extensive, long-term experiment to determine the root cause of bed head. Is it sleeping without a hat, or is it sleeping with a hat? And if so, which hat causes the worst bed head? Look for my paper in a future edition of Scientific American. This is totally going to win me the Nobel Prize for Something. Or maybe just an Ignobel.

I have a BS in Electrical Engineering and a Minor in English (I was hedging my bets in case the engineering thing didn’t work out). I’m a bit of a nerd. I’m married with fairly recently minted kiddos. I have dogs so vicious they will lick you to death within an hour of you accosting them. You’ve been warned.

I love to write. I started in 3rd grade. The stories have gotten progressively longer with the passage of time, to the point that I now write novels. I’ve done NaNoWriMo for ten years, and I’ve been an ML for Nano for seven of those ten years.  I’m also a member of two critique groups and several online writing communities. I believe in writing books, and then editing them, getting feedback from others about them, and then editing them again, and then, when they’re finally polished, editing them one more time before trying to get them published.

I love to read. I enjoy science fiction, mysteries, some horror (mostly Lovecraft), the occasional Urban Fantasy, some Young Adult, humor, and, once in a while, non-fiction. I wish I had more time to read, but sadly the day job, family obligations, and the burning need to write prevent me from vanishing permanently into my favorite books.

I don’t love having to get up early in the morning, changing diapers, or cleaning up baby vomit (but adult vomit? totally different story). I don’t love many other things, but those three items are at the top of my current Don’t Love list.


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