So bad it won a Voidy for the next THREE consecutive years (would have been FOUR, but 2012 was a leap year)

The artwork reminds me of a young Vincent Van Gough ... on speed and LSD at the same time

As I have demonstrated no artistic talent and no discernible understanding of what young children like, it was only natural for my family and friends to suppress publication of this book.

But then I escaped my cell just long enough to read the rough draft to my kids, and they loved it.*

After that, nothing could stop me from releasing my chilling tale of an unreliable narrator’s response to continuous persecution at the hands of a pair of sentient scissors.

Justice is swift, and like the art in this book, not pretty.

Nina Minari and Toothy the Codependent Toothbrush whispered the tale of Kleencut to me through a wormhole bridging today with the future Yes, the wormhole made it hard to understand them (a lot of echo, something to do with red shift), and yes, this wormhole apparently leads to the fictional future world of my Marlowe and the Spacewoman series, but that doesn’t make the story any less true.

OK, maybe in a literal sense it does, but the themes, the obstacles faced by my protagonist, these are all universal truths, and not the sort of universal truths to be ignored.

Because if you do, the back of your head will end up with a mashed, rock-shaped indentation in it.

So important are these truths, and so strong my desire to make sure you don’t end up with a mashy, bowl-shaped head, that I’ve made the book free.


Because if you love a book, set it free. If it comes back to you, your marketing sucked.

Link to Kleencut on Smashwords.

Links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble to follow when it distributes there.

Or, if you don’t mind side-loading, higher-res versions of the book in .mobi (Kindle), .epub (Nook), and PDF available here.

* Seriously. For whatever reason, my kids love this book. Don’t ask me why – I worry they might grow up to be idiots, or worse, politicians.


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