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Hidden object games – I can’t find them ANYWHERE!

The Missus recently introduced me to hidden object games.

These are games where you’re presented with a picture and have to find a list of objects. Often, the games have a story line and a series of related pictures.

It’s like someone turned a book or short story into a computer game. With pictures! Who knew you could do that?

The best part about these games is you can try them before you buy them.

The worst part is they are addictive, and you have to buy them to finish them.

I’ve maxed out two credit cards and gotten a loan from a very unsavory fellow with an ‘office’ in the alley behind the pawn shop in order to feed my habit.

Interestingly, the credit card interest rates are higher than the loan shark’s. Huh.

So while my children wallow in their own filth, wailing about how hungry and thirsty they are, I’ve been hiding from the credit card companies under the house, tablet in hand, playing these wonderful games.

Of course, I feel compelled to share the magic of these games with you.

But since none of the game publishers have responded to my proposal that they pay me to place their product in my blog, I was forced to make my own hidden object game.

Without the plotline or fancy UI.

I don’t have time for that sort of effort – I’ve got games to play.

It is starring the contents of my man cave, however, providing you with a peek into the murky depths of my subconscious.

(You can’t tell from the picture, but it smells like death in here. Or maybe that’s concentrated dog farts. I knew there was a reason the dog bolted so suddenly.)

Good luck finding the objects. I strongly recommend you click on the picture to get the full-size version.

I found this game on an old Zip disk of mine

C’mon, try it. It’ll make you feed so good. And the first taste is free.

Level 1 is free to try. Level 2 will set you back eleven thousand dollars.

At that price, I only have to sell ten copies to cover the principle I owe.

And if my experience is any guide, pretty soon you’ll be cursing hidden object games too.

(Or at least this one.)


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