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Activist lawmakers – they make activist judges look almost impartial!

If I had a hammer, I would wake my neighbor, pounding out a rhythm, all about my opinion and why it should be law!

These gavels are veterans in the long war over Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Also rumored to be faster than a speeding bullet.

There’s been a lot of whining about activist judges destroying the Constitution and undermining the rule of law.

Screw that, I’m worried about something far more terrible.

Yes, there is something even worse than the existence of judges who have the temerity to interpret laws and how they relate to the Constitution:

Activist lawmakers.

Just saying the words makes me feel dirty.

And strangely aroused.

Ahem. Activist lawmakers are members of state and federal legislative branches who pass laws to fit their political, social, and/or religious agendas, regardless of pesky things like rational discourse and critical thinking.

They allow their personal beliefs and, in some cases, political donations, to color their legislative record, to determine what they think should be the final outcome of any and every vote.



Surprisingly lucrative.

To the activist lawmaker, the Constitution is merely an inconvenient set of guidelines that they ought, but aren’t strictly required, to adhere to.

For these legislators-with-an-agenda, the Bill of Rights is the merest of speed bumps on the road to legislating “this is how I see it, and I’m right, dammit!”

Checks and balances are a contrived annoyance that they will somehow, no matter how improbably, link to Communists, Socialists, and crack-addicted Libertarians.

Facts and figures are part of the ‘fog of war’, obstacles to ignore, or if that proves too impractical, to overcome if they’re to win the war they think they’re fighting.

And you can always tell an activist lawmaker because they’re constantly talking about the war on America, or the American people, or the rights of the American people. Or Christmas.

A war usually spearheaded by activist judges, it turns out.

The final hallmark of activist lawmakers, the big give-away that reveals their true nature?

They pass sloppily written laws that activist judges are then forced to interpret.

If that wasn’t enough, then there’s the Executive Branch activists. Don’t get me started on them!

Although sometimes I wonder if the Executive Branch is the only thing protecting us from the tyranny of the majority…in the Legislative Branch.

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