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Oil changes, tire rotations, and taxes, oh my!

Due to recent life events, I’m not up for a normal blog post this week.

Instead, I will just note that I filed my taxes and had the oil changed and tires rotated on my car, which are two tremendous burdens now lifted from my shoulders.

This despite the whooping and hollering I heard by the fine youngsters performing said automotive services. Nothing makes me feel safer while traveling at freeway speeds (both on the freeway and in school zones) than knowing my car has been serviced by automotive technicians whose professionalism is only surpassed by that of a panel of sixth grade judges deciding the winner of a farting contest.

Five, carry the two, divide by zero and wow, look at the size of my refund!

Death AND taxes. Awesome!

I’m glad I decided not to ask them to do my taxes too. Sure, it would have been easier if they’d done them, but I’m already having enough trouble sleeping at night. I don’t see paying H&R Lube Job to do my taxes in any way reducing my risk of audit.

I must also confess shock that I did not witness a spontaneous gasoline fight break out as I sat in the waiting area of this fine automotive establishment.

It turns out that happened five minutes after I left, if the sound of sirens and that night’s local news reports are anything to go by.

Now, in order to meet the contractually mandated minimum word count I’ve arbitrarily committed to for my blog entries, I will also answer, in no particular order, some questions raised in recent blog posts by friends and colleagues:

I have no idea, but you’d best have already started, considering it’s now March.

I’m going to guess here – because it’s a nice hotel? I’ve never been, so I can’t say for sure.

Yes,  I do know what.

Inferior Colorado workmanship. Obviously.

A prize for those who figure out the blogs I’m referencing. That prize? You, or a character whose name you choose, will feature prominently in a joke I tell my co-workers about people who have way too much time on their hands.

And now, a word from our sponsor: me!
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